Thursday, May 25, 2017

Update # 32

Educational Update # 32 Week of May 22 - 26, 2017
Happy Memorial Day weekend! Please drive safely and enjoy the extra day off with friends and family!
Congratulations to our class for having the most participants (11) in the road race and fun run last weekend. We earned a $25 gift card to the establishment of our choosing.
All money for the Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser should have been turned in today. In addition to this collection, animal products are still being taken for local shelters until Wednesday, the 31st.
Students are working in small region groups as part of the NH Staycation project. We had a productive research week.
The animal “choice” book report projects are due on Wednesday. The 3rd STAR voucher was due today. We could really use the help on the 16th for the Reading Carnival. If you can help set up, manage a game station, clean-up or just donate an item or two, that would truly be appreciated.
The Blue Hawks began the last chapter book of the year, The Phantom Tollbooth .
After discussing warm and cold fronts, humidity, and cloud types, students are just about ready to begin

the weather forecasting project. The majority of the forecasting project will be done in class.
Career Week begins next week at LSS. If you would like to participate, send me an email about a possible time to come in. We’d love to hear about your job!
I will be sending home a permission/information slip next week about the last portion of the health unit dealing with puberty.
I want to wish Abigail Sears the best of luck next week. She will be having knee surgery.
The Green Team did an awesome job planting flowers and vegetables in the raised beds around LSS this past Monday.
I am looking forward to the UNH field trip on Wednesday, June 7th. Fingers crossed for nice weather. We will go rain or shine.
Have a fantastic weekend. Happy Memorial Day! By the way, Killington is still open for skiing! That’s right, you can really spring ski this weekend. What a season for them!!!
Fondly, Mr. Schmitt 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Update # 31

                                                                                            Educational Update # 31
                                                                                            Week of May 15 - 19, 2017

Well, the PTO 5K Road Race and Fun Run is upon us. Are you excited? If you haven’t registered yet, you can sign up in the gym starting at 7:30 AM tomorrow morning. The fun runs begin at 8:30 over by the ramp near the teacher parking lot. The 5K starts at 9:30 in front of LSS. See you at the races tomorrow!

The kids had a wonderful time meeting their PEA pen pals yesterday. What did you think of the program? Ms. Poly and I will definitely continue the letter writing next year with our future 4th grade classes.

The students got the opportunity to research the 7 regions of NH in the Staycation Project. Then they chose their top 3 regions. Ms. Poly and I will make a final region decision (for each child) over the weekend. A NH Staycation Criteria information sheet was also passed out.

Most students have come up with a tentative plan for the May book report project. Some kids want to work on posters or timelines and others are interested in creating a video or slideshow. The final project is due on the 31st.

The STAR reading and math tests have been completed.

The 2nd Soar Toward Awesome Reading (STAR) voucher was due this morning. Congratulations on the independent reading.

Ms. Wheeler-Bean spent a lot, I mean a lot, of extra time hanging artwork on the walls of LSS in the last 2 weeks. As a result, last night’s Integrated Arts Night was extremely successful. For those parents and students that participated, thanks for attending.

We discussed wind turbines, humidity and cold/warm fronts in science this week.  

Thanks for donating to the LSS Animal Drive this week (the collections lasts until the 31st). The Juvenile Diabetes fund ends next Friday.

The Green Team will meet on Monday from 3 to 4 in room 103. We’ve got some serious planting to do!

Next weekend we will be celebrating Memorial Day. Can you believe it????

Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget about the PTO Road Race and Fun Run tomorrow.  

                                              Mr. Schmitt

Friday, April 14, 2017

Update # 28

                                                                                     EDUCATIONAL UPDATE # 28
                                                                                     Week of April 10 - 14, 2017

The Egg Saver Activity is always a favorite amongst the students. Which contraption saved the egg from being cracked or broken? Ask your son/daughter for all of the details.

The Fairy Tale Writers’ Hour will take place on Tuesday afternoon at 1:15. I want to make sure that we have plenty of time for all of the stories. We’ll try to keep the food and drink options very simple. If you would like to donate drinks (juice or water), fruit, veggies, or maybe pretzels or popcorn, can you let me know in the Weekend Notebook or in an email? Any leftover items will be eaten throughout the remainder of the week. Sound good?

Next Wednesday will also be an early release for parent/teacher conferences. If you were not able to schedule a conference, please let me know. I still have time available next week.

The Drama Club will be performing “Willy Wonka Kids” next week. Our class will be able to see the performance on Thursday, the 20th.

Writing poetry is a way to share what is really on your mind. There is no wrong way to write a poem. The students this week wrote a poem that answered the question: How do you express yourself? The entries were submitted to SCHOLASTIC to be judged in a poetry contest. To celebrate and culminate our poetry reading and writing experiences, we will be having a “Poetry Session/Share” on Thursday, May 4th, from 2 - 2:45 in room 103. Please join us if you can!

Our PEA pen pal letters arrived this week. We will plan on meeting with the PEA pen pals in May.

The STAR reading and math tests will be administered the week we return from April vacation.

What’s up? That was one of many questions we discussed during science time this week. We talked about air and conducted several experiments on air pressure and weight.

Earth Day posters were mailed out to UNITIL this week as part of the company’s “Earth First” poster contest. Who knows, maybe we will have a winner from Lincoln Street School.

The Blue Hawks began a new chapter book this week called Shadows from the Sea. Congratulations to Henry Evans, our spelling bee champion from last week.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. See you next week at the Writers’ Hour.
                                                     Keith Schmitt

Friday, April 7, 2017

Update # 27

                                                                                           Educational Update # 27
                                                                                           Week of April 3 - 7, 2017
What a wet week of weather. However, looks like a good stretch of warmer temperatures early next week. Did someone say sunny and 70’s?

The next two Wednesdays will be early release days due to parent/teacher conferences. If you would like to schedule a conference, please let me know. I tried to provide many options. I can also organize a conference call in the next two weeks if that is easier than meeting in person.

Report cards were sent home today. Please sign and return the report card envelope. The actual report may remain with you.

The Green Team will meet on Monday afternoon from 3 to 4:00 pm.

We will decide on a host and hostess for the Fairy Tale Writers’ Hour next week. The Writers’ Hour will take place on Tuesday, April 18th, from 1:30-2:30. Please note that we had to change this date due to an all school assembly on Friday, April 21st.

Our class will be skyping with Barbara Patterson, author of Wish, on the 18th.

Fourth graders wIll see the Drama Club performance on Thursday, the 20th, at 9 AM.

We have written several different types of poems this week (free verse, acrostic, quatrain, color poem, and couplet). The poetry writing “bonanza” will continue next week.

The book report project for the month of April is to read a collection of poems and memorize one, two or three of them (depending upon length).

The class did a solid job on the unit 5 math test. We are on to division now!

We discussed the water cycle this week in science. We even created a mini-water cycle in a Ziploc bag.

There will be a special Easter Friday Challenge that will be introduced to the students on Monday.

The Student Council is collecting shoes throughout the month of April. Please consider donating in the next 2 weeks.

Have an enjoyable weekend. See you at the conference!

                                                           Keith Schmitt

Monday, April 3, 2017

Update #26

                                                                                                   Educational Update # 26
                                                                                                   Week of March 27-31, 2017

Congratulations to all of the students for completing the Smarter Balance Testing. If your child was absent during any of the testing days, make-ups will be administered sometime early next week.

Grades closed for the 3rd marking period today. Report cards will be issued on the 7th.

There will be 2 early release days in April for parent/teacher conferences (12th and 19th). Parents, an email will be sent out early next week for a possible conference sign-up time.

The book report genre for the month of April is poetry. After all, April is National Poetry Month! Students will be asked to read a book of poems (author Shel Silverstein has always been a favorite over the past few years) and memorize one or two of them (depending upon the length). We will also be writing many types of poems during the writing periods throughout the month of April.

Mrs. Estle and I hoped the students enjoyed the maple sugar sample that was passed out on Wednesday. All of the maple sugar was from our very own maples in front of the school. We hope to expand upon the maple syrup production next year.

We began the weather unit by discussing the importance and wonders of water in our world. If it wasn’t for water, we wouldn’t have much for weather. We will also be looking at the water cycle. It might be a good idea to begin watching a few weather reports. Speaking of weather, WMUR’s meteorologist, Kevin Skarupa, will be coming to the Exeter Public Library on Tuesday, April 25th, from 9:45 - 10:45 AM.   

The unit 5 math test will be given early next week (Tuesday). Unit 6 topics include division (partial quotients, traditional), area, customary units of weight, interpreting remainders, measuring angles, using a protractor, and number stories with fractions and mixed numbers.

We will be back to our normally scheduled Monday through Friday reading blocks next week.

I haven’t forgotten about the 50 marbles reward for the class. We’ve simply run short of time with all of the testing.

Most students are done with the fairy tale. Congratulations on a job very well done. I can’t wait for the Fairy Tale Writers’ Hour on Friday, April 21st.

Have a wonderful weekend. Make the most of the weather in the next few days. Red Sox begin the 2017 season next week. Happy spring,
                                             Keith Schmitt

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Update # 23

                                                                                       EDUCATIONAL UPDATE # 23
                                                                                       Week of March 6-10, 2017

It was great to see everyone relaxed and well-rested after a much deserved winter vacation. Many students went on a variety of adventures both near and far. Welcome back!

Author Susan Spellman had to cancel her visit to LSS this week, but will reschedule after the Smarter Balance testing is done.

Smarter Balance testing will begin on Tuesday morning with the ELA (English/Language Arts) Test. We spent a few writing blocks reviewing for the test. The majority of the testing will be completed by around 10:15/10:30 each morning.

Next Friday, the 17th, there will be NO SCHOOL for students due to a teacher inservice.

The “Music in Our Schools” concert for our class will be on Wednesday evening, the 15th, at 7 PM.

I will introduce the book report project for the month of March next week. The project will consist of creating a board game based upon the book. The project will be due on the 31st.

Permission slips for the trip to Concord were due today. As a 4th grade, we previously had taken a break from visiting the NH Historical Museum. However, I look forward to returning to the NH Historical Museum this year. In addition, the State House visit is always a 4th grade favorite!

Fairy tale books should be completed by the 27th of March. Students should have plenty of class time next week to work on the illustrations. The Fairy Tale Writers’ Hour will take place on the 31st.

The Read to Care book fair will be held in the library on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We are counting on many books to be purchased over the course of those two days. The goal is to raise enough money to send a NH child of an incarcerated parent to camp this summer.

We discussed strategies for adding fractions and mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators this week.

The heat unit was completed this week. We are on to “light” next week.

The Green Team meets on Monday from 3 to 4 in room 103. It’s almost spring! Time to think about indoor planting in preparation for the raised beds outside. Hurrah!

The Exeter Student Art Show is this weekend! Several of the students at LSS will have art pieces on display in the Exeter Town Hall from March 11, 2017 - March 26, 2017. This art show is an annual celebration of Youth Art Month. The display can be seen on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 - 4 pm. Have fun and enjoy the art show.

Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night.
                                                                  Keith Schmitt  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Educational Update # 22

                                                                                                Educational Update # 22
                                                                                                Week of February 13 - 17, 2017

Mother Nature was a little more cooperative this week. Perhaps we will actually have five full days of school next week.

The organization of the science fair display boards started today. Despite the many snow days and delayed openings, the classes of Ms. Poly and Mr. Schmitt did a fantastic job typing up all of the necessary documents. I think you will be very impressed with the final tri-boards. The science fair will take place on Wednesday afternoon from 2 - 2:45. Please plan on attending. The students should be ready to answer any of your questions about their experiment.

Even though the fairy tale hardcover books will not be finished by next Friday, the class still wants to organize a Writers’ Hour. The Writers’ Hour will take place on the 24th from 1:30-2:30. An additional Writers’ Hour will be scheduled in March to celebrate the completion of the fairy tale books.

After several postponements, the NAEP Testing will occur this Monday. Just like before, the testing window for students taking the NAEP will either be 2 hours in the morning or 2 hours in the afternoon.

The second session of Afterschool Activities has been completed. Permission slips for the third (and final) session were due today. In addition, the t-shirt order forms for the “Music in Our Schools” month were also due today.

We will be working on a writing activity on Tuesday that will focus on the historical fiction book that was read by your son/daughter for the month of February. There will be NO other project for this book report. The genre for the month of March will be fantasy.

The class did a really good job on the unit 4 math test. Topics covered in unit 5 include fractions, mixed numbers and angle measurement.

The Museum of Science will be coming to LSS on the morning of the 22nd. Representatives will be sharing information about electromagnetism. PTO, thanks for sponsoring this assembly!

The Student Council will continue to collect lightly used chapter books for the READ TO CARE program. All books collected will be sold on Thursday and Friday in the library. Books are only $.50 each. Money raised will be used to help send children of incarcerated parents to summer camp. We are hoping to raise a lot of money next week.

The Blue Hawk reading group completed A Week in the Woods. The Blue Pigs finished The Astro Outlaw.

The skiing should be amazing this weekend. Enjoy the outdoors. Have a relaxing weekend.


                                                       Keith Schmitt